Notice: Delivery will resume once the lockdown has been lifted.

Notice: Delivery will resume once the lockdown has been lifted.



Escape into the warming medley of exotic tea leaves and aromatic spices of our Kahva range. Your soothing companion in the cup has been formulated by our experts sourcing traditional recipes from roadside tea stalls in areas as far-flung as the mountains of Central Asia and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, to the valleys of Kashmir and beyond. So, bring your books, paintbrushes, flowers, family and friends together and brew up some Kahva. Remember to always make a little extra.

Kahva Benefits

  1. Boosts Immunity System
  2. Helps in weight loss
  3. Supports digestion
  4. Improves vitality
  5. Assists in building immunity


The word Kahva resonates strongly and pleasurably with the people of South Asia. It is a drink enjoyed by people of all ages, during all seasons, at all times. So, what makes this drink so tempting? Let’s find out!

We can trace Kahva’s roots back to the 15th century when the nobles of the Turkish empire brewed it to suppress hunger pangs. However, it was not long before the drink quickly established a reputation for alleviating anxiety, providing mental relief and helping to ward off the common cold.

Since then, there have been numerous variants of Kahva; involving saffron, cinnamon, rose petals and others. At Kahva, we present you with delightful versions of the legendary drink. Join us on this aromatic, refreshing journey!